A Parker Referral Group

Our Mission

Women growing meaningful relationships through business building, professional development and service in the community.

The members of the Women In Business, Parker group meet monthly to support growth in each others businesses. We limit to three members per category and guests are invited by existing members.

Membership process

Every member of our referral group is first introduced as a guest and may visit as such for up to two months. After that time, if they wish to continue to participate, they must submit an application to be reviewed by our membership committee. The committee reviews the application to be sure it fits within the group guidelines and if the applicant is a good fit for our group. Download more information here: “What Makes WIB-P Different” and “Membership Overview and Requirements”.

Dedicated to business growth

We are committed to sending quality referrals to our members as well as providing professional resources amongst us to contribute to the success of every member’s bottom line. We only require attendance to one meeting per month and encourage one on one meetings to foster closer relationships and better understanding of each others’ business services.